Friday, December 11, 2009

Look for the Holidays

So as I was sitting around today I decided to play with my makeup to see what kind of look I could come up with and I came up with this:

Products Used:
Groundwork Paint Pot
Flip(Lid Color)
Swiss Chocolate and Brown Script(Crease Colors)
Carbon(Outer V)
Stila Kajal Eye Liner(Onyx)
L.A.Colors Perfect Curve Mascara(Very Black)
Ruby Woo Lipstick(Lips)
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural(Dark)
Studio Finish Concealer(NC50)

Hopefully you will try this and like it, until my next post be blessed and have a great day :-)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend Shopping!!!!

Hello to U!!!! I had a wonderful weekend and hope you did, so I went christmas shopping for myself this weekend and got alot of stuff. I went to Aeropostale and hey were having a 50%-70% off everything sale and I got some good deals. I also went to Bath and Body works and they also were having a sale on everything. I am on their mailing list so I got a coupon in the mail saying if I spent $30 then I get $10 off my entire purchase so I saved alot there also. Then I headed to MAC, YAY!!!!!! I couldn't believe it but Mac has their holiday sets on SALE for 25% off and I got a face set and I also got a mineralized finish. After that I went to Victoria's Secret and they were also having a sale, buy one get one half off so I got 4 bra's and bra's and the are great. Today after classes I decided to reward my self with a gift because I did so great on my test and got So Ceylon and I love it but I really wanted Gold Deposet a but they were sold out :-(!!!!! So I have blabbed on enough go some studying to do............

Until Next Time!!!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008



Hello all my name is Carmen and  I love makeup and anything dealing with fashion. I am 21 years old and I am a medical assisting student. I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old son name Savion and he has my heart. I have recently gotten up the nerve to start my own makeup channel on youtube and I love it. I have learned so much with makeup by watching the GURU's that I wanted to share with others what I have learned. Feel free to check my channel out and I hope you enjoy the videos you watch. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask, Thanxx for stopping by!!!!