Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend Shopping!!!!

Hello to U!!!! I had a wonderful weekend and hope you did, so I went christmas shopping for myself this weekend and got alot of stuff. I went to Aeropostale and hey were having a 50%-70% off everything sale and I got some good deals. I also went to Bath and Body works and they also were having a sale on everything. I am on their mailing list so I got a coupon in the mail saying if I spent $30 then I get $10 off my entire purchase so I saved alot there also. Then I headed to MAC, YAY!!!!!! I couldn't believe it but Mac has their holiday sets on SALE for 25% off and I got a face set and I also got a mineralized finish. After that I went to Victoria's Secret and they were also having a sale, buy one get one half off so I got 4 bra's and bra's and the are great. Today after classes I decided to reward my self with a gift because I did so great on my test and got So Ceylon and I love it but I really wanted Gold Deposet a but they were sold out :-(!!!!! So I have blabbed on enough go some studying to do............

Until Next Time!!!!!!

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